Air Gear 350 Set from T-Motor (Motors, Props, ESCs)


The Air Gear 350 set by Tiger Motor. Includes 4x AIR2213 920kv motors, 4x T9545 props, 4x AIR20A ESCs and accessories.

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Product Description

The Air Gear 350 Combo Pack showcases the quality that Tiger Motors is known for. These motors and ESC’s were selected specifically for quadcopters and sold together at a discount. This set is the perfect power train for 350-550 size multi-rotors including the Grasshopper Sport. This combo includes:

  • 4x AIR2213 920kv motors
  • 4x T9545 props
  • 4x AIR20A ESCs
  • Accessories



Specification Air Gear 350 920kv

KV 920
Configuration 9N12P
Stator Diameter 22mm
Stator Length 13mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm
motor Dimensions Φ27.5×30mm
Weight 54g
Idle Current @ 10A 0.5 Amps
Lipo Cells 3-4S
Max Continuous Current @180 Seconds 18 Amps
Max Continuous Power @180 Seconds 230 Watts
Max Efficiency Current 3-10 Amps > 83%
Internal Resistance 132mΩ


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 3 in