Crius All-in-One Pro V2


Crius All-in-One Pro V2 Flight Controller supportsĀ MegaPirateNG /ArduCopterNG/ArduPlaneNG/MultiWii firmware.

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Product Description

Hardware Features

  • Supports MegaPirateNG/ArduCopterNG/ArduPlaneNG/MultiWii firmware
  • 8 PWM motor output
  • 3 servos output for gimbal system or accessories
  • 8 input channels for receiver
  • PPM SUM input channel
  • 4 serial ports for debug/Bluetooth/OSD/GPS/telemetry module
  • 8 Analog ports for airspeed sensor/current & voltage sensor/LED controller
  • User-defined pads D32~37 & PG1~PG5
  • I2C 5V port for external devices
  • Output/USB ports offer over current protection
  • Reverse polarity protection for input power
  • Select jumper for choose internal or external magnetometer
  • Onboard 16Mb dataflash chip for automatic data logging
  • ATMega 2560-16AU micro-controller
  • MPU6050 6-axis gyro/accel with motion processing unit
  • HMC5883L 3-axis digital magnetometer
  • MS5611-01BA03 high precision altimeter with metal cap
  • FT232RQ USB-UART chip and micro USB port for uploading firmware and debugging
  • PCA9306DP1 logic level converter for I2C
  • RoHS Standards

Input power selection

  1. Connect 5V power cable from ESC or UBEC to ESC/Servo port. The J1 jumper must be installed.
  2. Connect 5V power cable to the external power port. The J1 jumper must be removed.


  • Dimension: 50mmx50mmx11.6mm
  • Weight: 14.5g
  • Mounting hole spacing: 45mm
  • Hole diameter: 3.1mm

Weight: 0.01lbs
Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 0.5″

Additional Information

Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 12.7 x 12.7 x 1.27 in