Grasshopper V3 Hexacopter Frame


Grasshopper Hexacopter Frame Only

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Product Description

“The Grasshopper” is the first of our Multi-Rotors now in it’s third revision. It is a medium sized hexacopter intended for sport, video, and FPV use. The air frame is constructed from rugged ABS which allows it to take a bashing and still fly.

The Grasshopper Hexa was designed to run in X mode and features an optional adapter for mounting your FPV gear in the front of the multi-rotor UAV. It also has slotted motor mounts to allow mounting of a wide variety of motors on the frame.

  • Rugged ABS Airframe
  • Ships already assembled
  • Includes spare set of landing gear
  • Optional FPV mounting location
  • Crash Kit included (spare arm and landing gear set)

Weight: lbs
Dimensions: ” x ” x “