The Pelican 1495 Ground Station Briefcase with Intel NUC I5, FPV and WiFi

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This is the first public Ground Station from Mad Lab Industries.  Several versions and trials have come together to make this monster Ground Station for Mavlink power multi-rotors or ground vehicles.  Built around the Intel NUC I5 system and equipped with the most needed accessories this is the Best all rounder ground station we made yet.  Full Windows or Ubuntu OS’s installed and ready to go.  Fully customizable I/O system powered by the Teensy 3.1 ARM Microcontroller allows for endless customizations.  Add extra buttons, joysticks and more at any time.  It even has 802.11AC WiFi built in w/bluetooth.

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Product Description

This is the first public Ground Station from Mad Lab Industries, the MLI GS1. Several versions and trials have come together to make this monster Ground Station for Mavlink-powered multi-rotors, ground vehicles, planes, and helis. Built around the Intel NUC with a Core i5 processor and fully equipped for a wide range of uses from fpv to aerial mapping, this is the best multipurpose ground station we’ve made yet. Full Windows or Ubuntu OS’s installed and ready to go preloaded with applications like Mission Planner, APM Planner, and QGroundControl.

We’ve designed the GS1 to help you respond quickly and easily to any situation with a set of physical controls, giving you control of essential flight modes, thrust, and attitude control at the touch of a button. The GS1 features a fully customizable I/O system powered by the Teensy 3.1, enabling you to add buttons, joysticks, sliders and more at any time.

The GS1 is perfect for FPV. Dual 5.8 Ghz 32 channel FPV video receivers and a Diversity controller provide live viewing and recording of your flight on the Intel NUC, so you can see live video of the mission in the ground station without extra monitors and keep a copy for later. The GS1 even features a second video port for direct plugin to FPV goggles or an external monitor.

Antennas for telemetry, FPV, and WiFi are located on the lid for optimum range and positioning. Some antennas can even be installed inside the lid for quick setup and ruggedness. Includes Dual Telemetry ports ready for upgraded Telemetry modules such as the RFD900 Diversity unit as well as built-in 802.11AC Wifi and bluetooth.


Intel NUC Board D54250WYB


  • Intel Core i5-4250U 64 bit Processor
  • SSD 30GB HD
  • Haswell CPU
  • 4GB Ram
  • Intel HD Audio
  • 1 Audio jack (line-out)
  • 1 IR sensor
  • 1 Mini-HDMI port
  • 1 Mini-DisplayPort
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • 5.8GHz
    • 1.2w 32ch Transmitter.
    • Dual(2) 32ch receivers.
    • rp-sma antenna mounts.
  • 1280MHz
    • 1.5w Transmitter.
    • Dual(2) receivers.
    • rp-sma antenna mounts.
    • 2 Channel Diversity Video Switcher
  • Video Capture Device for NUC plus Live Streaming into HUD


Power and accessories

  • USB 3.0
  • RCA AV Output
  • USB Capture Device for FPV
  • WiFi 802.11AC
  • Bluetooth
  • USB for Telemetry
    • Stock Telemetry
    • RFD900 Upgrade
  • 37 Extra I/O
    • Up to 4 Joysticks.
    • Up to 8 sliders.
    • 33 Buttons or switches.
  • LED Power readouts
    • CPU Power
    • FPV Power
    • LCD Power
  • 6 Antenna Ports
    • 2x WiFi
    • 2x Telemetry
    • 2x FPV
  • 12-24 volt input
    • Individual Power Regulators
    • Adjustable to .01v
  • LIPO or Lithium Ion
    • 7ah LIPO battery stock
    • Lithium Ion start at 10ah
    • upto 20ah battery


Ubuntu Windows
  • Mission Planner 2
    • Limited IO support currently
  • APM Planner 2
  • QGroundControl
  • Mission Planner
  • APM Planner 2
  • QGroundControl
  • Pix4D


Additional Information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 6 in