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Product Description

The DXe Transmitter System from Spektrum combines the versatility of a programmable transmitter with the simplicity of a basic sport radio. Instead of having to reconfigure a bank of servo-reversing and wing-type switches every time you want to fly a different model, the DXe lets you quickly change those settings using a mobile device or PC.

To program the DXe, all you need is the free Spektrum programming app or software and a Spektrum programming cable (sold separately). Using this interface you can create and save basic model setups with different settings for servo reversing, four stick configuration modes, normal or delta/elevon wing types, and an expo on/off switch.

Once saved to your PC or mobile device, you can upload the setup for a specific model to the DXe with a simple point and click. You can also use the interface to upload pre-programmed setups for Bind-N-Fly aircraft, sold separately.

  • Sport radio simplicity + programmable versatility
  • Programmed via mobile device or PC
  • Four control surface channels
  • 3-position flap switch
  • 2-position auxiliary function switch
  • 3-position AS3X/SAFE flight mode switch
  • Requires free programming app or software
  • Requires SPMA3081 or SPMA3065 programming cable, sold separately
  • EN328 compatible

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Dimensions 12 x 10 x 6 in